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God's Perfect Standard

Aug 31 2017
The Scripture declares that it is impossible for God to lie. Therefore, you call God a liar whenever you think or say that it is not possible for a man to be perfect. As Abram was commanded by the Almighty God to be perfect so also has the Lord commanded all his children in every generation to be perfect. The standard of the Lord has never been and will never be altered or lowered for any man.

Watching Unto Prayer

Aug 30 2017
Shortly after the last supper, before going to mount Olives, Jesus revealed to his disciples that they would all forsake Him that night. Despite Peter's response in verses 33 and 35 of Matthew chapter 26, he both forsook and denied the Lord, in the end. False prophets, teachers and apostles are walking about like wolves in sheep's clothing seeking whom they may deceive. Brethren, you must watch and pray so that the day of the Lord does not come upon you unprepared.

No Escape For Liars

Aug 29 2017
Men lie to cover up their shameful actions or to escape being punished for their wrong doing. You may cover your lies so that no man may know but you cannot hide it from God. The Word of God says all unrepentant liars shall not escape punishment in hell fire. It is the the truth and not lies that makes a man free. No matter how severe or threatening the consequence of your action may be, always speak the truth.

Your Life And Work

Aug 28 2017
You may be doing a righteous work in the house of God without heart perfection or holiness. But without holiness no man shall see the Lord. Although Asa could not remove the high places which was part of his assignment, he worked with a perfect heart. God is more concerned about the life or walk of his children than their work. In summary, life is better than ministry.

Drawn By The Father

Aug 27 2017
Jesus the Son of man is also the Word of God. Therefore, it is the Word of God the Father, spoken or revealed by Jesus the Son of man that enables, provokes and empowers a man to be drawn to Jesus Christ. However, after being drawn to Jesus by the spoken Word of God, men must choose to either accept or reject Him. It is only believers in Jesus that will experience resurrection unto eternal life.